quintessential – Gina

It’s National Novel Writing Month! How’s your writing going? Here’s a poem to inspire and keep the fires burning if you are writing a novel, a poetry chapbook or even a daily journal. Just keep on writing! It is necessary!

a quiet wandering of a silent soul

a quill against the earth’s hollow

quintessentially beautiful but lost

settling quickly before the frost

looking for a parchment to rest upon

the quill quivers with its tip withdrawn

its sincere heart has become a pawn

© Gina@Singledust

trust your heart if the seas catch fire – e.e. cummings

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25 thoughts on “quintessential – Gina

  1. Ha. My quill is no pawn, but an integral partner that helps spawn the story. It has life and breath and spits ink at me when we disagree. There are times we argue an in the heat of pitched battle I call it the devil and it accuses me of playing god. 😊 I love your poem, Gina.

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