By Charles Robert Lindholm

You Would Never Know
If You Pass Them On The Street
Or Sit Beside Them In A Pew
At Church
Or Share Thanksgiving
Dinner With Them

Your Co-Worker Seems
Quite Normal To You
But That’s The Problem
The Appearance Of Normal
Is Deceiving

The Lack Of Outward Signs
Belies The Truth
Of Someone Who Is Ill
Or Troubled
And Dealin’ With The Demons
That Haunt Them
And Control Their Thoughts
And Actions

Everyone’s List
Is Different
Depending On Who
You Are
And What You Believe

If You’ve Lived In A Bubble
Or Are High Minded
And Self Righteous
And Never Been Tempted
You Can’t Understand
The Power Of The Bottle
The Needle
The Love Of Money
Or Lust,
Or Evil Passions,
And Hate

You Sit In Judgment
And Believe The Stereotypes
And Lies That Leave You
With No Understanding,
Empathy Or Compassion
Because It Hasn’t Happened
To You

You Aren’t Dealin’ With Demons
In Your Head Or In Your Body
Protected By The Bulwark
Of Morality,
The Walls Of Religion
And An Illusion Of Piety
Or The Luck Of Good Genetics

Life Hasn’t Caught Up With You
But It Will
When Something
Crashes Through
Your Barriers
To The Truth
And The Reality
Of The Human Condition

When Death And Heartache
Touch Your Heart And Soul
With Unbearable Pain And Sorrow,
With A Suicide
An Illness
An Addiction
A Loss
Something Beyond Your Control

You May Come
To An Understanding,
An Appreciation
Or Empathy
With Others,
With “The Least Of These My Brethern”,
With Those Dealin’ With The Demons

You Will Come To Know
How Thin
And How Sharp
The Razor’s Edge Of Life
Can Be

And The Truth
Of  The Old Saying,
“There, But For The Grace
Of God, Go I”

And You Will Hear It
Whispered In Your Ear
And To Your Soul
And Be Joyful For
Love, Hope And Forgiveness
For Yourself
And Others

You Will Start Praying For
And Helping Others
Who Are Dealin’ With Their Demons

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

In Remembrance Of My Brother – Weldon
And All The Others “Dealin’ With The Demons”

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