👻 A Frightening Fate 👻

Sparkling Sona’s pick Pay it Forward Thursday (Nov 1st)


Trick or treatI have a story to tell you, this won’t take but a few. Give this tragic tale a read, and take this secret with you.

Halloween is the time of year, where ghost come out to play. Where darkness rise and daylight hides, and evil gets its way. There’s witches, wolves and vampires, monsters and other creepies. No lions, tigers and bears tonight, I tell you Dorthy had it easy.

I never pounded the pavement for candy, I always worked the door. But I was promised the experience of Halloween, like I’d never seen before.

I got my costume and grabbed my bag, but then my Dad got really busy. He said “show me you’re a big boy”. He said “go on without me”.

I guess I wasn’t a big boy, cause I never made it home that night. I remember being chased by pumpkins and pirates…

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