Conceiving Poetry

Come read the works of a poet I recently found. Enjoy!

The Poetic Elixir

You are the di(sea)se of the sea
an epidemic ruining my canvas body
a shadow swallowing the light of my eyes
I became prey to your grey nails,
scratching mulberries on your body,
as you continue to bury weeds with incisors,
bursting lesions of yester lust,
your turmeric hands soothe clots
and I bath in sunflower kisses,
you are predator of nocturnal reverie,
lighting wine lamps in broken glasses,
I synchronise words of my limb,
to the music of your arms,
chipped nails marks and stains,
I break tunes like metals balls,
jingling in my womb,
I take your scars, wounds and bruises
on my body as words,
pile them up in stanzas,
cover them with metaphors,
soak them in feelings,
cleave into early embryonic desires,
before conceiving a poetry.

©Sameera Mansuri 2018.

Midnight thoughts keeping me awake.😶

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