Sweet Confection



Slowly stir

your tongue with mine

now lick

where peaks have have formed

pour yourself

into the tiny mold

leaving nothing behind

feel warmth and heat

of me

as you rise to perfection

mixing our honeyed sugars

into a confectioner’s bliss

hope to never hear

the “ding” for done


©MidwestFantasy/Beth Amanda



(This is based on a challenge from an Instagram poet to write a recipe for lust.  I wrote this, then saw that challenge was to only be 20 words–so I did another piece for that and saved this one for all of you.  Hope you try the recipe 😉)


12 thoughts on “Sweet Confection

  1. Whoa!! I think this made me “Overheated”! LOL! Can only imagine how this “Sweet Confection” turned out to be! Brings back the lyrics of James Taylor’s song – “How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You”!!!
    Bellissimo, Dear Beth, Bellissimo!

    Liked by 1 person

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