10.25.18 “limitless”

Come read our Charmed Chaos’ pick for Pay it Forward Thursday this week

my hands shake when i write

you’ll do anything in a dream

you will feel limitless

so why would anyone to expect you to not be touched by the tendrils of the galaxy when it is handed to you

you won’t deny the stars when they are within reach, ripe for the picking

especially when the road gleams with liquid gold streams flowing on midnight tar

when the fire dances and teases for you to grab it and strangle and crush it to smoke

you are the mighty one, they are

at the mercy of whatever ideation crosses the threshold

of your consciousness

guarded by the daisy chaining locking lashes

the gnashing is numbed

the heat is quelled

the tremor is stilled

the grotesque nature of not being able to distinguish between dreams and reality because you’re too fucking stoned

finished at 1:04 am

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