Poem: Free Verse – “Knowing Why” #amwritingpoetry #GDGC

Credit: ORIENTO via Unsplash

I don’t know why there’s disease,
Why cells kill each other.
Why our immune systems turn,
Or our brains suck too much cortisol;
Too little or too much Seratonion.
I don’t know why the world’s fractured,
And all these bad things terribly matter.
I don’t know why we love, but love’s pain too.
If it’s so real, why do we sacrifice part of ourselves, to satisfy someone who loves us — for being us?
Why do men and women cheat?
It takes two or one, at least.
I don’t know why the world’s jaded,
Why children are destructive.
Why they wish each other dead —
And parents permit such hate.
Why they don’t know say,
Love your sister or your brother —
Apologize or sit in the corner.
I don’t know why we love each other, for our faults.
Why we hate each other for our talents,
And jealousy erects a wall.
Why mothers endlessly sacrifice,
Why a tired stay at home dad can’t nap.
When being a stay at home parent,
Is the hardest job of all?
I don’t know why babies cry, knowing they can soothe themselves;
But mom’s arms are so much softer, so he’ll cry until she breaks.
Why sometimes some dads know not,
That playing with kids while working,
Isn’t equal to swimming and being silly.
Bike trails, barbies, movies at home, and playing LEGO.
Why do others matter, but families shatter?
Or, why do dogs always die too soon?
Any why are children born with tumours?
Why are medicines as destructive as diseases?
And why do some turn out the lights;
Desperate and deluded?
Why are others forced to linger in pain,
When a natural process,
Would be a blessing?
I don’t know why we all want to be huge successes;
When the most powerful men are dictators and tyrants.
Why do businesses run on sweat and tears,
And superhero’s become villains?
Why drugs permit an escape, but destroy the user.
For what reason is love euphoria and hate a weapon?
Why are wars justified, even though they aren’t?
Why will no one ever remember or know,
Every soldier who sacrificed or died in battle,
From violence, malice, measles, and cholera?
I see so much good, but I also see evil.
I see the the coin tossed into the air,
And I know we have no choice, but that when we do,
We don’t know the repercussions of each tiny decision.
I don’t know why — I don’t know!
But that’s life, and I don’t know why,
A simple gift is too complicated.
I don’t know why love isn’t neat,
And forgiveness difficult.
I don’t know why — I know nothing;
And in the end, no one knows — will ever know, all the ‘whys.’

©️Mandibelle16. (2018) All Rights Reserved.

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