Seeking Sages by Michele Vecchitto

in search of sages

Seeking wisdom as I stood on shaky ground
that rolled beneath my feet, presenting too many choices
Desperate to find the learned man standing among false prophets,
I examined each face, longing for answers
The air was ripe with expectation as I searched for green pastures
in an abandoned world smothered by smoldering grasses

A sage among fools takes many forms

In my youth, life’s path was clear,
a journey marked by landmarks of my own design,
I followed feelings unencumbered by the trappings of experience
until all that which was familiar faded in a puff of smoke,
birthed by fires I had carelessly set along the way
Almost consumed by flames, I leaped blindly
in pursuit of safety and much-needed serenity
Peeling back layers of burnt skin, I questioned each decision that brought me there

A sage among fools takes many forms

Swathed in gauze, I licked my wounds
and wondered which direction I was meant to take
Needing guidance, I sought advice from those who came before me
I peered into a pool of crystal blue waters, an oasis in barren fields
The face staring back at me was my own, a woman who held each answer
I am the learned man

A sage among fools takes many forms

photo: Flickr
prompt: #OctPoWriMo2018 – Day 21, Sunday’s Whirligig 184


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