The Magnitude Of Poetry

Barista Charles pick for Pay It Forward Thursday at the GDG

Walt's Writings

Poetry is dead”
So some writers say

But listen closely please
To what I’m about to say

Poetry is ever written, everlasting
It will be around long after the doubters

Poetry is the view from the highest mountain
That makes us dizzy from the height

It’s the beating of our hearts
And the tapping of our feet
While we read the rhythm of the words

It’s the way it makes us feel
When it takes us to a grave

The taste in our mouths
When it describes a kiss

The smell of a wood stove
That heats a mountain cabin
And the warmth it makes us feel

It’s that childlike memory
Of your favorite nursery rhyme
And the dreams we had of Santa Claus
When it was nearing Christmas time

It’s the smile on our faces
When we find a perfect rhyme

A glimpse of Heaven as we read

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