All out – Poem

Satyen shares this for Pay It Forward Thursday at the GDG

stumble upon serendipity

Bat, ball and stumps
Slander, quips and bumps
It is key to take wickets
To win the game of cricket.

The batsman flings his dreams tall
The fielder snuffs them as they fall

A bad swing of the wood equals a miss
A bomb gives the bails a deadly kiss

A hero uses his body as a shield
the judge declares him guilty. Yield!

Running hither and thither with some hesitation
gets in the way of attaining your destination
Run out!

Raging forward for a vigorous attack
Cut the slack and watch your back

Bat and body wildly flung
stumps seethe at the death knell rung
Hit wicket!

Your non-dominant hand comes in contact
No way in hell was that part of the contract
Handling the ball!

Deliberately blocking a gentleman’s path
You only incur the audience’s wrath
Obstructing the field!

It’s cool that you aspire…

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