Full circle ! – themoonlightreverie


Sometimes, I wonder,

looking back at the time,

its been months,

yet it feels like ages,

that my eyes had,

felt the comfort of your face,

my ears graced by,

the sound of your voice,

and my hands privileged,

by the touch of your skin,

all of which,

making my heart skip a beat,

every single time.

I close my eyes,

drawing you in my mind,

vividly can I remember

those eyes first,

deep like an ocean.

your nose, as prominent it is

is next in line

and how we always joked about it.

how my hand loved caressing your cheeks,

while you were quite asleep,

is what I remember,

as I draw further,

I end up on the lips, that said the,

most comforting words,

and as I move forward,

I see that illuminating smile on them,

that begins there,

and reach up to your eyes,

completing the entire circle,

the circle,

around which,

every single bit,

of my life revolves.



Photo by Zack Minor on Unsplash

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