Noticing Life’s Details

At my personal blog, I posted a short poem called Yellow Butterfly (link below). It was inspired in part by watching a TED talk by Brother David Steindl-Rast that teaches us to Stop-Look-Go while being grateful for the moments we are given.  I want to share a complementary article from a good friend at (link below) not only for its excellence, but also to show gratitude.  She introduced me to this TED talk last year to help me process several of the challenges life has tossed into my moments.  She writes: “Clarity of mind and heart allows us to see life’s details. These details bring an abundance of beauty into our lives that we often reject by choosing to be lost in the busyness of our day-to-day.” This article reminds me not only to stop, look, and pay attention to the little details of life, but also to stop, look and say thank you to the people who take the time to become bells of awareness in our lives, waking us up to the moments we are too busy to notice.

Moving forward in life, I want to stop, look, and notice the precious details of life and also the friends who have shown me the value of these moments life has given.  Perhaps saying thanks is all I can do when I stop and look around in this time of great challenges, but with friends ringing bells of awareness like this, how can we not become more aware of the goodness inside all of us and become better humans?

Yellow Butterfly

Every moment gives a gift
An opportunity to see
A yellow butterfly land
On the pool deck to give
The daughter a smile
She seemed to have lost.

Image: Me, Chinese Gardens, Singapore.

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