Paved with good intentions


Be very careful when eating mushrooms.
That is my best advice at this time.
I do not know how long it is that I have walked and wandered, sometimes just laying down out of weakness, hunger, and despair.  I have been poisoned nearly unto death from wrong choices.  Sometimes I have left my right mind, trying to get back, get back, sensing a thousand year journey of complexity.

I am a caveman of the modern day, surviving on dull wits.  I remember pieces of useful information, helpful household hints, Boy Scout wisdom.  How to butcher a rabbit without getting the meat tainted with its urine.  How to build a simple trap to catch something live, then bludgeon it.  Roast it over a deadwood flame, ignited with sunlight shone through discarded spectacles.

It is temperate here, mostly, and I cannot count the years.  Such seasons as there are seem mixed up…

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