Conversation With Joe

Brandewijn Words

I came upon a bench.
Upon a hill. Within myself.
I looked to see him sitting,
Silently gazing at the
Calm between breezes.
Placing thoughts before his eyes
Like puppets parading in disguise.
A momentary pause of time.
Corners curled by some memory.

I turned in curious wonder.
Thoughts unfurling,
Questions unfolding
To break the reticent air.
What? Or who? Or why? I asked,
Had brought so bright a beaming mask
To paint his countenance,
Once forlorn but now forgotten,
With features light instead.

I’ve seen the sun. The moon. The stars.
Answered he with gaze ahead.
I’ve basked in birth. I’ve seen the dead
Reflected in a mirror of dreams.
I’ve heard a chorus of wheeling whales
Within the waters of my heart
And swimming through my soul.
They’ve called to me in solemn song
Like heaven’s lights, as old and long.

When quiet settled once again
Upon that…

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