Fulcrum ! – themoonlightreverie


Don’t you fret, for I’m here
And I’ll always be here,
to let you know, that you’re loved
showing how my world revolves around
the fulcrum, that you are

Yes, I will be here
for you to know, that
no matter the burden
big or small,
you’ll always find me right beside you
walking together, even when the path is
brutal, and life throws vexed questions.

and when the nights get longer
and the darkness surrounds you,
when the sleep, deceives you
rendering restlessness and anxiety
i’ll be right there to hold you
to sing you to sleep
and comfort you, with my embrace
telling you how, we will get through it

For the pain and agony
just like the smile and laughter
remember we are shared partners
through the thick and through the thin
and in sickness and in health,
for my weary mind, never leaves your side
even when distance puts us aside

you don’t have to be alone,
cause I’d always stretch my hand
for you to hold it, for there is nothing
in the world that will change the fact
that for you,
i’ll travel every hard and aching mile, and
the fire of love isn’t ever gonna burn and fade

So just leave your pain and worry aside
hold me tight,
cause I’m never gonna leave your side
holding you till the sun shine brights
from near, or from far I’ll be there
to look for the thoughts in which you are.



Photo by Tom The Photographer on Unsplash

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