Friends o’ GDG: Poet Girl Em Has a Table at the Cafe

This week, I will be sharing with you some very close friends of the Cafe. Poet Girl Em played the part of Leonardo DiCaprio to my Cillian Murphy a few months back when we has some exchanges in an imaginary cafe. Somewhere back in late March or early April are some comments that have me responding to Em sitting at a cafe. This inspired us to write responses to each other. My Sunflower poem on Sudden Denouement is also a response to one of her posts. Rumor has it we have an anchorage to tend to, give us some time, we will get to it.

In March…



Maybe This Time:

Later in April…



Served Up With a Glass of Milk:

Which begat:

Corner Spot:

And over time…


Guest Blogger: This sunflower wakes starved for light and rain’-S Francis

This one awaits my response…

As you can see, while she may not be a barista, Poet Girl Em has a table at the Cafe.

3 thoughts on “Friends o’ GDG: Poet Girl Em Has a Table at the Cafe

  1. Love reading how the cafe was inspired by two people sharing a silent yet connected moment. The current is so visible and tangible, cafe’s are such a special place, keeping the warmth in and the world away. I really enjoyed each poem that drew you both closer to creating this wonderful space, yes a table for Poet Girl Em always!

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