Chain of Seasons by Michele Vecchitto

We’ve been having some crazy weather here. Almost 7 inches of rain fell at my sister’s house last night, a few towns away. Today was hot and humid and this weekend is supposed to feel like Fall. I thought this was the perfect time to respond to a prompt that asked us to write a haiku chain about the four seasons.

autumn-colorful-colourful-33109 (1)
Wicked winds whistle
a siren call of Autumn
draped in gold and red

Winter soon follows
Its echoing ache bellows
across snowy skies

The glory of Spring
rejuvenates tired old bones
with blossoms and hope

Faithful friend Summer
You encourage me to pause
and enjoy each day

photo: Pexels
prompts: Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, #SeptemberFalls18

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