Cafe Chat: Backcatablog Alisa Hutton at Dusted Words and a response poem “No Ordinary Day”

Hi.  Remember me?  S Francis here from SailorPoet.  Over the next few weeks I will be transitioning my collaborative work over to the GDG.  Hope you are all well.

Here, I revisit my backcatablog of Alisa’s work.

At long last! Alisa, thank you for your patience, but after Chuck’s comprehensive review of your work, I recognized that the work required of me for Backcatablogging had transformed. Alisa’s writing is fantastic and I am very eager to see her hang out at the cafe from time to time as it allows. First, let Chuck speak for himself with his fantastic work here:

After Chuck had provided the details, I needed to inhabit the words and find a response vehicle. I also learned that I needed to think through what backcatablogging was all about. I want to invite writers looking through the window into the cafe, spend some time learning about them and their writing, listen, read, and then inhabit their words and the worlds they create. Hopefully, I will be able find a piece of my own voice through their writing and let it prompt something that becomes a sort of hybrid.

Alisa writes about the ocean, living on the Pacific side of North America, I found a common connection with my own love for the ocean growing up on the Atlantic side of North America. So, I set myself a task of writing a found poem and ran a search on her blog for the word ocean:

You can follow the link above to the search, and then link to the many wonderful poems that provided me the words for my response poem. My next step was to cut and paste all the lines with the word ocean in them. Then the crafting began. I challenged myself to find a narrative arc from these lines, beginning with “The ordinary day/ my ocean died.” It took some time to get to that arc, but it ended up being one about healing and a She – reading Alisa’s poems there is a “She” that runs through the lines as a character – perhaps this is the same She, or a different She. I think, mine is Ocean, my first Love.

Alisa, thank you for your words, thank you for writing, and I hope to see you around the cafe!

This is for you, distilled from your words, some lines so perfect I kept them as is:

no ordinary day

that ordinary day

my ocean died

She took my hand

led me through

my deepest fears

in Her gentle arms

breathing salt air

She whispered tides

no one would notice

they swallowed me

we drank medronho

far from the edge

where fish

offered nourishment

healing and growth

we sank we rose

She washed over me

that clear winter night

when the moon danced

dusted with magic

7 thoughts on “Cafe Chat: Backcatablog Alisa Hutton at Dusted Words and a response poem “No Ordinary Day”

  1. Steve, This is such a great piece! What a great way to do it! So impressive. We are glad to have You back!!!!! Loved the way You went into Back Catablogging. Appreciated the mention and link – I learned from the Best!!!!
    Is Your site back up? It was on an invitation only basis for awhile???

    Liked by 1 person

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