Daily Quote — Jo Hawk

This quote strikes a raw nerve with me. I watch other people zip of texts, emails, tweets and wish I had that ability. I agonize over the selection of every word, consider the meaning of each sentence and wonder how the reader will perceive what I have written. Sometimes the pressure is more than I […]

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8 thoughts on “Daily Quote — Jo Hawk

    • finding that word can be difficult too, for me at least, usually i end up using simple words to put forward my thoughts so it is easily understood first by me. thank you for your thoughts Mich.taking the effort to find the right words to mean what we say is so crucial for a writer than others, hence it gives credit to Jo’s daily quote here.

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    • a lot of things look easier on paper or in theory. it’s in the doing that shows us the best path. we all have to try out different approaches and see the best fit. thank you for your input, intuition is one of the tools a writer must rely upon, I agree.

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