Mission Statement – Writing Challenge September 2018

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Writing Challenge September Still Open!

Thank you to those who have submitted!

Most large corporations have a mission statement indicating the service they provide, what they stand for and what they aspire to be in a community. We are writers, almost like an organisation ourselves; we too should have a mission statement too.

Our writing challenge this month is to write “a writer’s mission statement”. Write your short and long term goals, your vision and most importantly the values you want your writing to bring to your readers. By listing this down as a mission statement you will see that it defines your purpose.

Stephen, our café founder suggested it could be posted on your own “About” page and linked back here. I think that is a superb idea! Write it and link it back to the comments section here.

Grab your pen, your keyboard, your pad and write what it is that you are passionate about. What being a writer means to you and how you see your writing affecting the world. Make your statement!

The prompt will be open till comments are closed midnight Malaysian time on September 28th 2018.

Your writing prompt for this month is to….

Write your mission statement in 100 words or less – be creative!

It must clearly state……..

your goals, your values and  your vision as a writer.

Poetry and or prose welcomed!

Link your post or page in the comments section.

Follow the GDG to see your post featured and read the other entries too.

If you can be heard then you exist – Britt-Marie Was Here – Fredrik Backman


here is mine https://alifelesslivedblog.wordpress.com/about/

Living on the equator, in hot and humid Malaysia but my heart longs for snow.
I offer you a soft place to rest on your journey through life.
Come stay awhile and be refreshed.
Be inspired by my love for words to write your own.

My mission:

I strive to live generously
be kind with my words
I hold that power
I will use it wisely

I hope to 
inspire thoughtfulness,
practice mindfulness, 
share gratefulness

I choose to create a world
of light; love and hope
please join me!

P/S : My long term goal : to write about my life on the equator in a series of short stories

Hope & Light





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