The Annoyance of Rhyme Upon Waking

An electric pick by L Stevens, read the Stories In Between

The Stories In Between

I study what seems
The electric
In dreams
There were two
Then three
Bound by screams
Tendril to wrist
The synapse missed
In the emptiness
Broken ladders
And three's

For contemplation
Of rabbit filled
In the plot
Tossed salad
Of words
From the second
Story to
The variables
Which invariably
The variation
In a variety
Before and after
A thought
Through which
We wave
The impulse
To find
Can't find
A pulse

Locked in
The third
I do
To marriage
Of chaos
A lover's scorn
Though never worn
As the fit
Was never
Quite right

Erase the other
Born monochrome
Died technicolor
So lucid to me
Though strange
It seems
To study
Such things
Though I may
Try again
When I find
Or know

dream rhyme

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