dVerse Poetics – Come to the Circus!

Thank you Barista Charles for selecting my circus poem


image.jpg Image from Google

Written for dVerse Poetics hosted by Sarahsouthwest, lovely prompt Sarah!

Squelchy footprints lead to a tent
we need tickets, Papa goes up front
my tiny steps trying to keep up
please don’t let go of my hand!

Fried peanuts and iced barley
I see friends of our family
everyone is out here today
the circus has come to town

Papa says the circus crossed the sea
I look up at him, what do you mean?
I see the sign “The Royal London Circus”
Oh will we see the Queen?!

sister likes the trapeze
brother loves the elephants
Mama crinkles her nose
Papa smiles, his hand is so warm

the circus stays for a month,
but we go only once
Papa goes back to sea
we are left with memories

the tent comes down
the procession leaves
we wave as the banners flap
the circus has left our…

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