A monologue ! – themoonlightreverie



When the darkness envelopes the sky,

and the quiet surrounds the night,

her empty eyes look down into the abyss,

trying to start a conversation,

rather it converts into a monologue,

where the abyss just stares right back at her,

through her eyes to her bruised soul,

uttering not a word, just giving a blank stare,

as if taunting her,

where she keeps on questioning,

Will this ever end?

The pain of not seeing him,

Will this ever end?

The suffering, the agony of this distance,

Will this ever end?

The loneliness, the numbness,

leaving her asphyxiated.

Will this ever end?

she keeps on beseeching,

in hope of some relief,

yet, the blank stare of the abyss,

 all she is graced with instead.



Photo by Riccardo Mion on Unsplash

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