Mission Statement – Writing Challenge September 2018

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Come sit with me, my table is crowded with books and papers and of course there’s my caramel macchiato, but I will push them all aside for your coffee cup and you. We are now in what I like to call the “ber” months; it is fast approaching the end of and also beginning of a new year. It is this time of year I want to preserve in a capsule.

Time passes and it is the one commodity we relentlessly pursue, wanting more, using time saving devices and tactics to squeeze more seconds and minutes. But what do we do with all the time we have accumulated and saved?

I think I am a fine “time waster”! I waste my time doing things I love. I read within the moments and write between pauses and spaces. I like conversation, about books and ideas.

I am also a day dreamer, I could be in conversation with you and then something gets my attention, a feather floating down, a flower catching a sunbeam or dust motes twirling and I am gone, off on a spiral of thoughts, no longer in the present, another dimension opens. I need pen and paper for inspiration has struck.

And I write, I have forgotten you are here, sorry if that’s rude but that spiral of thought floating on the dust motes won’t wait you see. But once I capture the thought I am back to reality and you have all of me.

Not all days have thoughts that spiral and twirl, life isn’t always inspiring and smooth. Last week I struggled with a lot of intrusive thoughts, things from the past that “came a –haunting”, things in the present that “nurtured a fear” and I had to look deep inside to find the “me” who could overcome all this. I was afraid of losing my writing voice again.

Because life is more than the shoes your feet are in.

– Britt-Marie Was Here – Fredrik Backman

It was then that I realised I needed a mission statement in life, something I can go back to when I feel I have lost my purpose and need guidance.

Most large corporations have such a statement indicating the service they provide, what they stand for and what they aspire to be in a community. We are writers, almost like an organisation ourselves; we too should indicate what we stand for.

So our writing challenge this month is to write “a writer’s mission statement”. Write one now, if you haven’t yet, write what being a writer means to you, your short and long term goals, your vision and most importantly the values you want your writing to bring to your readers. By listing this down as a mission statement you will see that it defines your purpose.

Stephen, our café founder suggested it could be posted on your own “About” page and linked back here. I think that is a superb idea, it could be something new or even an addition to your “About” page!

Be creative, write a poem or a short story, brevity is key; you want to inspire. You can write a simple haiku or an elaborate sonnet. Or just free verse your statement to the world. Your mission statement could even be flash fiction!

Grab your pen, your keyboard, your pad and write what it is that you are passionate about. What being a writer means to you and how you see your writing affecting the world. Make your statement!

This writing prompt does need some reflection and thought. Take some time, think it over. Write then share it here.

Everyone is welcome.

This is where writers gather.

The prompt will be open from today and run till comments are closed midnight Malaysian time on September 28th 2018.

Write your mission statement in 100 words or less – be creative!

It must clearly state……..

your goals, your values and  your vision as a writer.

Poetry and or prose welcomed!

Link your post or page in the comments section.

Follow the GDG to see your post featured and read the other entries too.

If you can be heard then you exist – Britt-Marie Was Here – Fredrik Backman


trust your heart if the seas catch fire – e.e. cummings

76 thoughts on “Mission Statement – Writing Challenge September 2018

  1. Another wonderful idea Gina, sounds very interesting, but I’m here arm-wrestling with my pc, in between blinks, and I this slow blink torture is gradually driving me more insane…….

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    • I appreciate your comment here, yes we do get so distracted, either by the lure of a new project, boredom with the current one or just the lack of motivation to write. yes everywhere and anywhere indeed! take your time to think it over and write, it is a prompt to reflective on our journey as a writer.


    • great! It was really just a casual idea at first but it slowly took hold. I think we need something that defines our writing and need to outline some goals, all too often we get too distracted by life. May you be inspired to write, you give me a lot of inspiration from your stories and quotes, well really for the fact that you show up and write. So well done on that!!

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      • A little self examination also helps us to hone in on what we are doing. Sometimes it feels as though I am throwing mud against the wall to see what sticks. The stuff that sticks is where we need to concentrate our efforts. I am happy my work inspires you. We writers have to stick together.

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