Fractured Healing

Brian selects a moving piece of excellent poetry from Tara @ Caribou Crossing

Raw Earth Ink

He stood at the window of his cabin
his back to her
Lost in his own thoughts
Tortured by his own dark demons
Memories flooded his vision
He stared into the inky blackness
beyond the pane
A clear sky and moonless night
Stars flung from one side of his vision
to the other
He didn’t see them
Nor did he see her
sitting on the bed behind him
Naked and silently crying
Reaching for him
Comfort she longed to give

Yet he saw nothing, heard nothing
the bright flashes and
staccato shots
Shouts of victory and
of agonizing pain
Lost brothers and friends
His vision was red
Was that blood on his hands or
just the heavy sweat of deep memory
Minutes, hours passed
He scarcely noticed his shaking body
Shaking with remorse
with fear, demons, anger, and sadness

He startled as he felt her…

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