In My Sleep


In my sleep I whimper as you whisper my name
calling me to come hither in the shushing haze
while the hypnotic pitter patter of the morning rain
plinks upon the piano keys of my ragged pain

I mumble and moan, tossing and turning in the cold bed
I pluck a fluttering feather from where you laid your head
and then the rumbling grief rattles in my throat
Screeching you’ve gone forever, and I am left to float

In this ocean of gurgling tears with waves crashing around
I drown in my ripping sorrow, I hear the howl of the hounds
Gasping and grasping I am for life, struggling with every breath
praying for someone to squelch and ease this blaring loneliness


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


I blog at: Charmed Chaos

19 thoughts on “In My Sleep

  1. You’ve beautifully captured the deep human grief in your poem – the night-time inescapability of loss where the partner is no longer there… How magnificently human that such pain can be made beautiful in a poem… thank you. Michèle 💖xo

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  2. Linda,

    This is a powerful piece that hits the chords of grief over the loss of a relationship, very well done. Reads like a cross between a nightmare and the tormented mind of loneliness trying to sleep. Remarkable.


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