9th September 2018 – Come Sit with me at the Go Dog Go Cafe


Come sit with me at the café. The rains have started in Malaysia, its wet and gloomy outside my window, this sets the perfect mood for me. I have a strong aromatic Americano by my side. Come sit with me for a while. I need you to inspire me today.

I had no clue where to begin this week. What to say or write, don’t you have days and weeks like that too? When you have much to write but it gets all confused and doesn’t come out the way you first imagined it would? I had such a week.

Many things happened this week that slowed my momentum. I frequently suffer from compassion fatigue and it can manifest physically. The burden of grief and sorrow takes a toll and I have to retreat. We had a faculty meeting and a trauma medicine doctor shared how he distances himself from his patients because he fears he won’t be practising good medicine if he gets emotionally connected. It’s his way of giving his best. Out of fear comes good practice and care. How bizarre we humans are?

I strongly believe the universe whispers to us and conspires to bring us together, heavily influenced by Paulo Coelho, his book The Alchemist and my spiritual journey as a young adult, coincidences are supernatural to me.

A coincidence for me this week was our Tuesday Writing Prompt with the theme “your greatest fear” and later my meeting at work about coping with fear. Both seemed to be the whispers of the universe at this moment in time.

The universe does conspire.

Thank you Devereaux for this prompt that allowed us to write and share.

An Acrostic Poem Prompt from Devereaux revealed a few interesting things. The writers said some of the following: “That Fear itself is a fear. We have Atychiphobia or a fear of failure. Then there is also Phobophobia or the fear of phobias. The mind is a complex thing and we either control it or let it control us. Sometimes we need help. Sometimes we can go it alone.

Someone wrote about the fear of Blindness, metaphorically or literally it scares some of us to be in darkness.

We also fear that which is physically present in our world, like Snakes! And other creatures that fly or crawl, creatures smaller than us but evoke an irrational fear. It is nature’s way of preserving all her species I suppose. Boundaries we shouldn’t cross to endanger ourselves and others.

We also fear forming bad habits like Complacency and negative thoughts like Cowardice. I urge you to check out the contributions by the various writers in the comment section here.

I added to this jigsaw of words, I said I feared “Nothing” and in the context of this writing prompt that is true. Deep loss and grief made me realise there is nothing more I can lose that I fear I cannot handle. I owe a lot of who I am to my father, and I talk and write about him because he brought me up to be fearless. But I let my father down. I lived my entire married life living in fear, it is not my story alone so I don’t write about it, it isn’t fair to the other party. But I don’t live with that fear any longer.

The Tuesday Writing Prompts are an amazing thing to me, the things we say in a flash are true confessions. They say let a psychiatrist read your book before you publish it because you may divulge more than you may want to. I don’t think I would let a psychiatrist edit and censure my work, if I write it must be that which comes from the heart, to be shared or I don’t write about it. And once words are released into the world it becomes every body’s story.

What happened with having nothing to write about?! You see people, your words inspire me; your words and thoughts permeate my world and get under my skin. This is what being a writer or aspiring to be one is all about. Reading and absorbing stories around us helps us create and develop our own. Some stories I read are more familiar to me than others.

 “high over nowhere-life arches the everywhere” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

I share this video with you about why certain familiar narrative arcs are inherently so appealing. Our lives are stories with arcs that interests or bores; it’s a linear pathway and cyclic momentum much like being in an electromagnetic solenoid. The geeky science girl says! Watch the video and let Kurt Vonnegut tell you in his classic deadpan wit about the stories we write and how it appeals or just falls flat! I really enjoyed listening to this man. He reminds me of my dad.

Till I see you again I leave you with a special quote,

I grasped the meaning of the greatest secret that human poetry and human thought and belief have to impart. The salvation of man is through love and in love. – Viktor Frankl

Viktor Frankl lost everything important to him in the Second World War, he survived unimaginable fear and horrors, he had nothing to live for yet he went on to write from that place of deep grief and solitude to gift the world with words as a legacy of love.

Stories and fears have links; we create new events when we relinquish fears, they become a new story for us. Do you have an interesting story or is it just a lukewarm story? How will you craft your story or poetry using love to release these fears?

Have a blessed week ahead.

Hope & Light


trust your heart if the seas catch fire – e.e. cummings

29 thoughts on “9th September 2018 – Come Sit with me at the Go Dog Go Cafe

  1. As always, your words speak to me Gina. Our fears and the things we love, or being in love shape our stories. There is no lukewarm story…it’s how much we reveal or conceal that makes them so.
    Thanks for the video, extremely enlightening!

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    • Thank you Punam, always appreciate your insight and wisdom.

      Yes there should never be any lukewarm story but it can happen when our heart is not in it. A good writer can make fiction seem autobiographical and vice versa. Feedback is so important to writers and I look forward to it to help me grow. Pushing our creative limits by writing a little differently every time delivers amazing results.

      The video was cool eh?!! Yeah he is brilliant, I wish there were more thinking authors like him.

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      • You are so right Gina. When our heart is not into it, our writing becomes insipid. Writing needs passion, a heart, to be able to speak to others. Mere stringing together of words has no meaning. Then we should all stop blogging. We have to be passionate, honest and fearless in our writings. Honest feedback is very crucial because it is so easy to get carried away by the praise.
        Oops! I am sorry I got carried away! Lol.
        The video was very cool. Yes, there should be more like him.
        It is always a pleasure to engage with you.

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      • haha not carried away at all! that was passionate!

        but I won’t say blogging has to be as passionate as writing, its a place to release some thoughts to the universe, a safe place to share and be heard. some writing on blogs can seem insipid but everyone deserves to be heard.

        and yes always a pleasure to have a chance to exchange views with you

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  2. Gina – you always uncover the insights in the coffee grounds at the bottom of our cups. Like wisdom itself. So grateful to have you with us in the Cafe again! Rilke, Vonnegut, Frankl… brilliant all three! — Stephen

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  3. Gina this a very insightful post. I know fear drives us in many directions, but stepping out and facing that fear face to face can be both nerve-racking and inspiring. It’s a step towards growth and being able to blog, write, and connect with others helps me face my fears face to face every day.

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  4. hi Gina, congrats for the great writing! glad you got you writing muse back. our minds play tricks with us most of the time. i do love Coelho’s book. sometimes is difficult to understand how the universe works. hugs and love to you my friend!

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  5. Gina, you are so good at adding spark to my morning coffee! You know life is full of fear and passion and it’s up to us to determine the best way to handle it. If we don’t experience fear, we would become complacent and if we don’t experience passion, we miss out on life. Stunning and inspirational post, Gina. Happy Monday!


  6. A poetic story? Hopefully the copy/paste will not destroy the format here!

    “Just a Man”
    He listened;
    He understood;
    He befriended;
    He cared.
    All the courage he gave me,
    By just being there,
    Made me feel like
    I wanted to live.
    He gave me so much
    Yet… had so little to give…
    But his time.
    I realized later
    There was so much more.
    I was indebted to that man
    And… what’s more,
    To experience the caring of someone unknown
    made me wonder.
    Who else was out there alone?
    History, thankfully, speaks for itself.
    The evidence to me is quite clear.
    Were it not for one man
    Who held out his hand,
    Would I even be here?
    Would I even be here
    To write these words?
    Would I even be here to care
    About others less fortunate.
    The hungry; The sick;
    And the ones for whom no one is there?
    He opened my world
    To a life of compassion.
    He gave me a reason to live.
    He made me see that…
    Through the trials of my life,
    I could help,
    And I am so glad that he did.
    I met a girl from the street,
    Selling red roses simply so she could eat.
    I met a man jilted by another.
    I met a lost soul,
    Who had nowhere to go,
    And an old lady
    Who just dreamed of going home.
    For all their differences,
    They had much in common.
    They all just wanted a friend.
    Someone to talk to.
    Someone who would listen.
    Someone with time to spend.
    I listened;
    I understood;
    I befriended;
    I cared.

    (Copied from my book “Just Thinking”)

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