An Angel’s Metamorphosis (with Spoken Word)

the sky
penetrable and deep
I reach my hand
into its perfect blue
in search of a star

when found
its light
warms my open palm
azure drips off my arm
until a puddle floods
our spot of the earth
where we begin to play
with our new toy
above us an Angel plays
dancing its metamorphosis

now she is a Carmen Miranda teddy bear

now she is a flying saucer

now she is you

sleeping naked
in my arms
my hand traces
constellations on your
satin skin

on the breast I linger
touching the nipple
reaching into the universe
loved wholly
dances with angels
whose gentle purr says
life will renew

image: Michael Parkes

I continue to take trips back in time on my blog Pointed Home and discover the most viewed posts by month and share them here at the Go Dog Go Cafe. This poem was first posted in March of 2017 and revisited August of this year adding in the spoken word. It remains a favorite of mine.

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