By Charles Robert Lindholm

My Words
Will Always
Want To,

With Rhythms
And Rhymes
And Meaningful

With Metaphors,
And The Sweet
Sound Of Similes,
By My Pen

Or Pensive
Yet Simply Said
Plaintive Phrases
Escape From My Head

And Always End
Their Wandering Ways
Through Pen On Paper
With Ink, In The Color Red

Forever To Be Found
As Stains On Paper
And Scribbled Down
In A Happy Home

Where They Love,
To Be
By You

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
Inspirational Credit To Christopher McGeown’s Motto – “I Love Pizza, Poetry, Pets And Alliteration”

As You May Have Just Noticed – I Love Alliteration Too!!! Ha!!!



    • You are too kind to me, Dear Gina!! This piece is all the result of Chris’ motto. It kind of took on a life of it’s own. Those seem to be the ones that turn out best, at least for me! Ahhh! I wish I did have a box like that but maybe if I keep writing down what the Muses whisper to me I can fill one up someday?? You know if I had one of those I’d be using it all the time – wouldn’t you, My Dear! Ahh, yes! I thought so. Well, your words seem to whisper to our souls and soothe them so well!!

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