This pure loving soul of mine designed to speak
Words of such beauty and deep affection,
Fuelled by your touch, the warmth I seek
And your melting smile, a face of utter perfection.
When my spirit is parched and tears cascade
And fill each well and waterfall of what lies within,
You take my hand and every moment have stayed
To soothe each qualm and rising din.
But my lips are sealed, both from love and pleasure
Oh so deeply masked by this façade of mine
Worn from birth, behind it a tarnished treasure
Unable to express this love of thine.
I’m sorry my dear, for I am unable to return
The warmth and pleasure you always yearn.


For more writing and poems, feel free to visit me on my personal blog – An Anonymous Escape From Life

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

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