A humble gift – The prisoner

A humble gift

Richmond Road

I apologise. I hadn’t posted anything for a while and thought it about time and then I saw This at the go-dog cafe and jotted down something quick before realising how corny it was.

And then I added a photo that had no real connection.

So. Sorry. Twice.


A prisoner before you stands
You ask no ransom, no demands
Yet give me love I did not earn
Demanding nothing in return
You need no cage, no lock and key
Your captive I will always be

For there is little I can give
To you who are my will to live
There are no riches I can show
No gold or silver to bestow
No castle for my precious queen
No kingdom where you’d reign supreme

Is it enough that I adore
And cannot offer any more
Than this humble wedding ring
To you who are my everything
My every…

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The Special Gift — Nuggets of Gold

Gina is a wonderful blogger from https://alifelesslivedblog.wordpress.com/2018/08/29/writing-challenge-the-gift-you-share/ and she has posted a fun challenge. Her challenge has been to spread joy by sharing in 100 words or less about a time that you made someone happy. Feel free to join in with the challenge. Spreading joy is always a good thing! I am blessed often … Continue reading The Special Gift — Nuggets of Gold

a dark communion

Hello everyone- Linda’s pick for Pay it Forward Thursday at the Go Dog Go Cafe!

HA's Place


the crow perched on the black railing,
our dark eyes confronted each other
for a moment,

he thought it to be inconsequential,
looked hither-thither and flew away
in a gust of air, that hung before me,
leaving a trance-like image,
right before my difficult breath,

if i were him, i would have done away
with it, but his nonchalance
only made me wary
of my own condition,

i am burning without fever,
i am shivering without cold,

the food has lost its flavor,
water, its pungent taste,
to drench the morsels of belief,

what if

this was it, this is it,
this would be all —

this unremarkable grey sky
reduced to my grey vision,
my pudgy, little fingers
no longer capable,

every thought bursting in its own smoke –
left-over chunks of an explosion –

this wrecked structure, this unused
view —

would i be afloat
when i fall?

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Finding Love in the Digital Age

Amanda’s pick for Pay It Forward Thursday!

Niki Meadows

For years there’s nothing I wanted more than a true, meaningful, and deep connection with someone. A love that would stand the test of time. A partner who was as equally invested in the relationship as I was. Someone who shared my values and had a similar vision for their life. I didn’t think I was asking for much but at the same time felt like it was so far-fetched.

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Spreading Joy through Compassion — Musings

Spread joy this week with the Gift you Share - Winnie shares compassion and goodness, gifts truly her gift from the heart Submit your gift in poetry or prose at this link https://godoggocafe.com/2018/08/25/writing-challenge-the-gift-you-share/ To you , I offer my compassion which has been my mission I am an ardent advocate in alleviating those who suffer … Continue reading Spreading Joy through Compassion — Musings

The Gift you Share

Spread joy this week with the Gift you Share – a gift that is given so unselfishly is a gift received unconditionally – what a beautiful story this is

Submit your gift in poetry or prose at this link https://godoggocafe.com/2018/08/25/writing-challenge-the-gift-you-share/

Fresh Hell

In response to the prompt by Singledust at GoDogGo Cafe.

For the record, this isn’t the best gift I give my friends (I really hope not). I’m probably not a great gift giver, because when I thought back, all I could remember were things I’d received. Also, this was the first thing I thought of that wouldn’t come across too sappy.

Hannah is back from a trip.

She hands me a little jar of jam as a souvenir,

Shy and anxious.

“Do you like it?”

We are at an outdoor festival

But I am not feeling well, so I choose to sit down under a shady tree.

My sisters look worried.

“Can we bring you anything?”

Visiting at my dad’s house

Our stepmother has never had daughters before now.

She is unsure about her new role.

“Can I take you all out for a girls’ day?”

To receive

To let…

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