Setting the Perfect Fire

The perfect match strikes the perfect fire,
But what does it burn so perfectly?
Wait, did I miss my cue?
You meant, the other kind of match,
Like the one made In Heaven?
Silly me,
I like to set fire to things,
Burn them,
Raze them to the Ground.
So strike the perfect match,
See if we can set ourselves on fire.

We can.

I will hold the flint
If you will hold the steel
And strike!



Will we burn heaven to the ground
Or wait for the smoldering embers’

Over the next weeks, I am going to take trips back in time on my blog Pointed Home and discover the most viewed posts by month and share them here at the Go Dog Go Cafe. This poem was first posted in March 2017, this poem was written for the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge (IBMC) Challenge #1 hosted by PH at

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