A humble gift – The prisoner

A humble gift

Richmond Road

I apologise. I hadn’t posted anything for a while and thought it about time and then I saw This at the go-dog cafe and jotted down something quick before realising how corny it was.

And then I added a photo that had no real connection.

So. Sorry. Twice.


A prisoner before you stands
You ask no ransom, no demands
Yet give me love I did not earn
Demanding nothing in return
You need no cage, no lock and key
Your captive I will always be

For there is little I can give
To you who are my will to live
There are no riches I can show
No gold or silver to bestow
No castle for my precious queen
No kingdom where you’d reign supreme

Is it enough that I adore
And cannot offer any more
Than this humble wedding ring
To you who are my everything
My every…

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