My Gift to You

Spread joy this week with the Gift you Share, kicking off with this amazing post from gizzylaw on the beauty and magic of many singing as one, a truly beautiful gift of heavenly voices.

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Talkin' to Myself

If I have a talent and I could share it, it would be the joy of choral singing. The gift would come complete with 4, 6, 8 and 12 part harmonies found in the music of Morten Lauridsen (modern), Kevin Memley (modern), Franz Shubert (1800’s), Tomas Luis de Victoria (1500’s) and thousands of gifted composers.

Listen to the graceful, haunting harmonies of Morten Lauridsen’s “O, Magnum Mysterium” as sung by the Los Angeles Master Choral-

Or the loud, joyous, exuberant “Gloria in Excelsis Deo” by Kevin Memley as sung by my choir, The California Vocal Arts Ensemble.

And I would give the fun, silly side of music as well.

And the secular. This piece was arranged by one of our basses, Craig Updegrove.

Music is a language of emotion. It takes you places that pierce the mortal veil and it cradles the soul in tones indescribable.

If I could, I…

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