I Revel in Life – Paul Sunstone

a late submission from Paul but a must read!

Café Philos: an internet café

(About a 2 minute read)

Please note: This poem is a response to Gina’s call for an autobiographical poem addressing the question, “Who Am I?”. Check out other autobiographical poems by other authors on Go Dog Go Cafe.

I was born at age 37 between January and June.
Twenty-four weeks. Within twenty-four weeks,
I lost nearly all. Nearly everything I had.

Of course my wife, my home, my pets, my books,
Of course those things. My bank account,
My investments, my business too.

All the “my”s and all the “mine”s that you’d expect.

Beyond that…

The notion I was a good boss to my employees.
The image I had of myself as a success.
My belief I was a competent man, a capable man.
The thought I might be respectable.
My identity as a good man, a decent man.

The woman I loved (who was not my wife). She…

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