Stitching the wounds ! – themoonlightreverie


Sitting at this window-pane

looking outside as the life seems to be moving

I wonder, how much we’ve travelled

how far our love has come in this voyage.

your pain, my sorrow

my circumstances, your helplessness,

your hurt, my grief

and the list seems to end never.

One thing we know, is certain

after all these years that have passed

we can sail through the times, toughest

in the dreading waves and deadly storms

together is the key, we know we have.

So let’s just break loose, the bounds and barriers.

cause you know, I’ll chase you beyond the wilderness

where you could share those darkest secrets,

while I know you’ll come after me,

till the road diverges, for its always extremes

when it comes to me.

Those wounds we got, the hurt is fresh, the bruises are blue

so let’s build our palace,

where we sit together, stitching these wounds !


Photo by Travis Grossen on Unsplash


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