Lately — Tuesday Writing Prompt

This Pay It Forward Thursday pick of the week was nominated by Singledust

Jo Hawk

Title:  Lately
Source:  Tuesday Writing Prompt — Go Dog Go Café
Prompt:  Use this phrase:  Lately, I’ve been feeling
Word count:   100 words

Photo credit: x1klima on Visualhunt / CC BY-ND

Maybe I’m just blind but lately, I’ve been feeling I really don’t understand. You started a fire in the darkness, taught me what it’s like to be alive. I shared my secrets, confessed I had been wrong.

I only ever wanted to be the man you wanted me to be. I will never let you down, I don’t even want to try, and I begged you to let me be your one. The secrets I revealed soon became your lies, and now my life seems overrated.

And lately, I’ve been feeling I’m a lonely man who will never really understand.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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