🔮 My DreamCation 💫

Sparkling Sona’s choice for Pay It Forward Thursday at the GDG


If you love me again like you love me before, this time I want you to love me much more.I want to prepare for a little trip, I don’t want to think about the price. If the prize is worth the fight, you can’t put a cost on paradise. Close your eyes and take my hand in your mind, if you truly love me too. I really believe if you fight for your dreams, they will actually fight for you.❤️

Now keep the phone to your ear, as I describe this beautiful oasis. I don’t think no other vacation spot, can actually compare to such places. You can catch the aroma of every flower, when the slightest wind blows. And when the sun hits the surface, it creates the most amazing sparkling glow.💫

It’s even gorgeous when it rains, because when the water touchdowns. It creates its own rainbows…

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