The Girl in The Pictures – Sally

You will be captivated by her words and pictures, the girl in the pictures is so very sweet


This is a poem I wrote, which depicts the essence of growing up. Enjoy!!!

IMG-20180414-WA0001.jpgLooking through the pages,

Of past memories,

Turning them slowly,

With no reason to haste.

By reaching till the middle,

I sure had found,

That the girl in the pictures,

Was no more around.

The laughing the chatting,

That she used to do,

Was lost in the pages,

In times to be true.

The same way she was lost,

Like a drop in the ocean.

The same way she was out of sight,

Like a cheetah in motion.

She was far back in time ,

Where no one could be.

She was so invisible ,

Who no one could see.

She slipped through time,

Like the sand in my hands,

I could touch her no more,

The reason being she was gone.

The little darling was lost,

For ever and ever,

Never to be found,


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