Share Your Poem – MamaSquirrel

Read this endearing poem from Mama Squirrel at Nut House Central, she got it all right

Nut House Central

Go Dog Go Cafe is prompting for a poem to introduce yourself. Encouraging it. I’m not going to say it right lol, so here goes.

I’ll reach my hand to take hold of yours,

Firm and solid so you know I’m strong-

I will smile and probably hug you too,

For a loving touch helps me feel I belong-

I’m not rich in money,

No fancy house here-

Take what you need,

Materials are not the slave to which I steer-

I am the survivor of things you’ll never see coming,

Understanding of things I should not be-

Your diary and helper,

This is an intro to me.

Scattered and broken,

Loving and smart-

Forgiven with grace,

On my sleeve lies my heart-

A mom always wondering if I’m doing it right,

A provider of others to love on as well-

A disciple of Jesus,

Anxiety and worry is where…

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