Fatal, But…-Devereaux Frazier

Finally, I have you within my grasp
After the tempest I weathered to discover
Totality in my words, I both anger and endear
After all, my zodiac entrusts I am this way
Loving, compassionate, and futile to decipher
Breaking hearts, taking names not my own
Understand I can be difficult to understand
Try, though, and see you are not surprised
Desperate to conceive friend in spite of myself
Everyday is a struggle to understand you
Losing my mind in attempt to align
Is it okay if I never speak to you again
Cause I’d hate to listen but not comprehend
Is it okay if you would leave me alone
Over all of them, I’ve hurt you the most
Understand, I am not on my own
So goodbye for now, goodbye for ever
Lost letters rise for miles into the sky
Yet I hardly feel guiltless in our fight
For I too have chased the winds
Lusted for time I did not earn
After all that’s been done to me, I still want
Waiting for an end to pass that never comes
Even when you hold the knife to my throat
Deep down, I want to see you do the deed

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