The Me I Know – paensunplugged

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Someone who has become a wonderful friend in such a short time connecting through words and rhyme, read her melody from her heart, The Me I Know – I so love the title


I am the unsung melody of my heart

Trying to find my voice through my words

I go by many labels

And though, I don’t mind them

They do kind of box me in.

The colour of my skin

The place where I was born

An integral part of me,

Don’t completely define me.

For I am my lineage but also

What I have made of me.

I am no iconoclast but I follow my heart

And following it means, I break some rules.

Though I do enjoy my solitude

I come alive in friends’ company

A tad shy, I can be reclusive

But once a bond is forged

I’ll go to any length.

No claim to fame, no accolades to show

Just an evergrowing circle of people I hold close.

I am not the scintillating incadescent flame

Drawing people inexorably,

More like a cosy fireplace

Which no one wants…

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