Share your poem with me on the GDG

Dear writer, poets and readers at the GDG,

Last week in my feature at the Go Dog Go Cafe I put out a call to write a poem to introduce yourself. the idea was formed from a spoken word poetry meet I attended. I was very impressed with a young Filipino woman who was bold with her words and attitude. She said we all need a poem that introduces us before we present our spoken word, I thought that was such a unique idea. So I wrote mine.

If it inspires you to write one, Pingback to here or my Come Sit With Me post and I will feature it this week at the Cafe!

I have received some amazing poems and am so excited to share them with you!

I would really like to read who you are in your own words!

Here’s mine.

I am a Story

If we met and said hello
I wonder what would be
The thing that
makes you want
To know more and maybe
Get to know me

My looks, my voice, my smile
Or the words that I speak
First impressions might baffle
Confuse, and intrigue

But I am nothing special
Another human,
Loving life
between words
Lines, poetry, prose
in this place
and wanting a space

But what is it that
Really defines

I would like to think
it is the Flower
of my childhood valley
The frangipani,
and my love of the sea
Fragrant and sweet
turbulent and wild
I have been told
yes that’s

but there’s more to this
frangipani’s story
you will have to stop
and ask me!

What else defines me?
My culture, my heritage
In a large mixing bowl
Stirred and added
nothing ever removed

A melting pot of race
Language and colour
A person born of two
A product of combined
all the flavours that
Make this person you see

I know I am also a story
and it needs to be told,
A story that never ends
Just becomes one more
Through the children I bear
The lives we lead
The people we meet
The hearts we touch
The souls we mark

Our presence
in this Life,
a blemish on the earth
that we stain
only when we live

For me it was always
A life less lived
Still more roads to travel
still living on the equator
but always longing for snow

P/S : I am sure this poem will be re-written as my story continues but it is a good one for now!

Hope & Light


trust your heart if the seas catch fire – e.e. cummings

this is me!

52 thoughts on “Share your poem with me on the GDG

    • well articulated share Rachel, the journey a woman goes from child to adult, it is indeed all our stories too. you wrote this beautifully. thank you for sharing here and appreciating our community. My heart is very happy after reading your words.

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    • hello! I will be putting together a few more of these share with me poems before the end of the week, so thank you very much for writing and sharing, I am glad you found the prompt and my blog through such a roundabout way! I am so very pleased that you have read some of the other talented pieces here.

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  10. late although as I just came across this brilliant page. here is a small take on ME

    I am the grown up
    who wants to
    see the kid in me
    I am a kaleidoscope
    a plethora of emotions
    come and sync with me

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