Never-Devereaux Frazier

You may know of me
Maybe you know my name
You might’ve heard of me from somewhere
But how many have actually seen what I do
Face to face, in person
And not through a source not of my approval
Go ahead and admit it, you don’t know me
But you believe you do, walk like you do
Talking down to me, you’ve walked my shoes?
Understood that the pain perfects the man
There’s light at the end of every tunnel
But you still have to get through
They want to be close to my fire
They want to know what I know
But they only want parts
The pieces they can quilt to their own
And the sounds they imitate to add color
To their dull and lifeless existence
If I would appease their devotion
To be the cataclysm of my demotion
If I could
Then they would finally achieve their climax
And I would become the past
Presently and always in danger
Of what I know they could never do

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