Keep To Myself-Devereaux Frazier

The rain slows the traffic to a total standstill
Leaning on the window, I watch the people
Curse and mutter, cars bumper to bumper
For a mile, maybe more, but I’m not there
Never with them, always there, never here
Tonight’s one to consider where I’ve been
How much I’ve changed, and what’s left
To change
I thought I was going to write a book
But then I became an adult, and found out
How much money it takes to actually live
So I work, write when I can, and sleep the rest
I love working, I love writing, but sometimes
I wonder if I’ll ever get my name on the shelves
I also wonder if I ever really want to
Growing up has altered my views on my words
Less concerned with the likes and views
Not concerned about the comments or shares
Instead I’m looking at the emotion I convey
And the truths I relay
If one person finds it, then I’ve gained a soul
If a hundred thousand find it, then I’ve gained
Another soul
But if nobody finds it, I’ve still gained a soul
I’ve wanted so much to impress people I know
And become like my writer idols
That I’ve forgotten the person most important
What do I want to speak today, what do I feel
And how can I share it with the world
The mask has come off, you know me
I don’t write much about autism
Mainly because I don’t care that I am
If you don’t understand, that’s your loss
If you can’t comprehend, then I’ll toss you
Where I toss everyone else who doesn’t get it
In these words, in the lines I create
Devereaux the Creator and Destroyer
I can raise a million tears from the dust tonight
And lay them to rest again just like this
Leave you stunned, or leave you unimpressed
I’m sure I have, I’m no perfect poet
But perfectly punctual in procreating passion
And the children I’ve fathered can be found
Not only in the words I leave you
But in the spaces I keep to myself

5 thoughts on “Keep To Myself-Devereaux Frazier

  1. In a journey as writers you speak many truths. At some point, what mattered in the beginning has altered with our growth in our craft. I liked how you have told your story and realized who and what is really important. Great job.

    Liked by 1 person

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