Restore My Night-Devereaux Frazier

when I dance with her Megha
Excuse me if I’ve fallen prey to your looks
Become ensnared in your laughter
And poisoned by your friendship
Maybe I’m a fool, falling for someone like you
I talk for hours but scratch the surface of you
Your being is possibly never ending, and I
Travel at a snail’s pace, caught in your gravity
It is possible I’m wasting my time on us
For you have so many others
What if I am simply overly ambitious
Yet there are so many others I could pursue
Here I am, though, writing to you
Again and again words to you fill my nights
Restore my might, and set me alight
The things we share inspire, give pleasantries
And keep me hoping for tomorrow
I long to share that newfound morning
I hope you’d find me worthy of that company
But if you wouldn’t
I’ll keep writing out my heart speak
Eventually someone
Will lick my blood
And become ensnared in my complications

One thought on “Restore My Night-Devereaux Frazier

  1. Devereaux!

    I love this poem, it reminds me so much of my feelings as a young man longing for a connection that never came. Now I am a not so young man, and perhaps am opening up to this hope and the possibility for these connections once again. Sadly, I chose too quickly and was too eager to find “the one” and it wasn’t the case, my self-esteem was eaten alive for years and it took a great disruption to my life to finally find the courage to begin to rebuild my self esteem. A year later and I feel like a work in progress but one that at least can understand the hope in these words again.


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