Cool spring evening – Gina@Singledust

There’s nothing I love better than a cool spring evening in the kitchen with you. We meet in the driveway and you kiss me, it’s to warm my lips you say, but I know it’s because you have missed me today. On that short walk to our front door you hold my hand and lean into me. Familiar and reassuring and sweet, we both discuss what we shall eat, but we both know it’s actually a place where our hearts will meet.

Pasta is best on nights like these, warm and satisfying. The richness and the flavor, the aroma and the colour, it’s the perfect food for lovers looking forward to later. It’s a well-rehearsed dance we do in the small galley kitchen. We bump into each other too often, to offer a taste and pause to savour a moment, or take a sip of wine while we wait for the oven. The buildup of appetite is so acute, we both get impatient while the sauce cooks, we hurry to speed up the process, so we can partake of its goodness. We eat dinner hungrily before it gets too cold, smooth spaghetti immersed in a rich red sauce, pungent ripe cheese, warm bread, butter oozing between each bite. I watch you eat and I blush with the plan I know will unfold later. Every mouthful is sensory ecstasy, each bite a promise of something only we can discover together.

As I stack the dishes in the sink I feel you behind me, we continue our little tango then you say leave it till tomorrow. And I love that it’s already twilight. And the fireflies are outside, dancing in delight, for us, for this day. You distract me with your beauty, your passion for me, have I ever been this happy.

I can’t recall a time when you have never been all that’s really important to me.

Another dreamy Sunday delight, may it make you Sunday warm and fuzzy, now with an idea what to do for dinner….and later.

Hope & Light


“trust your heart if the seas catch fire” – e.e cummings

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