Paying it Forward Wrap-up 8/18

This week saw a resurgence of Pay It Forward Thursday with our Barista’s reposting some of their favorite stories, articles, and poems they read the week before around the broader Word Press community. This Newsletter will serve to round them up in one place for all of our guests to come back to and read their favorites.

Needless to day, I love how this community is growing every day connecting new and old writers alike with a vibe of inclusion and encouragement. From its inception the Go Dog Go Café was meant to be just that: place where writers gather to feel community, inclusion, and encouragement. All of you who visit and all of our Baristas have made it just that and I couldn’t be more proud. With the greatest appreciation for Christine who kept the vision alive while I wandered through the darkest period of my life, I am happy to return to a place where the values I treasure most are honored and preserved so that I too can reemerge and be welcomed once again.

Now, on to it, what an amazing showing this week, as a baseball fan and therefore a stats guy, I want to say that this Thursday was amazing and by far the best day of the week: 14 writers paid it forward, 162 visitors viewed 616 posts and gave out 267 likes… talk about wow! If you have not already, please click through and read these posts; then explore the writers and grow our community even larger! The list:

Why Was She So Mad at Me?

If You Go Far Enough

How to be a woman? — Megha Sood

When Speaking to a Unicorn- Kindra M. Austin and Stephen Fuller



Ballet of Poetry

15 thoughts on “Paying it Forward Wrap-up 8/18

  1. I owe you an apology; you came to my blog and told me that you were reblogging a post. I responded with no more than a simple ‘like’. I didn’t take in your message, since I was dealing with a crisis. Thank you for the reblog. I’m very grateful and honoured, since I’ve clicked on all the links and read the posts and find myself in the company of some superb writers.

    I’ll be back. I usually ask for cappuccino, but I’ll happy to consume whatever you have on offer – apart from weak tea, but I see you don’t supply that.

    Liked by 3 people

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