Just Like You-Devereaux Frazier

You finally came forward in how you feel
But left to my eyes it seems shallow
The same news reel, the same shallow beat
If we can’t win, call him weird, one, two, three
I’ve heard it from family, I’ve heard it
From strangers and those less than that
People such as yourself who don’t know
Only guess, and in turn create a mess
Of emotion and fictitious feelings that blind
And bind you to circumventing our reality
Trivial accusations with little or no proof
Suggest a mind still warped in youth
I’ll admit I’m no saint and often am mistaken
But if you can’t remember what I did
Then I’m gone, mentally out of the station
And physically out of your world
Because I don’t waste breath on the vain
Or time debating the ignorant
Those who know me know what I do
And those who don’t can only imagine
Just like you

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