The Death of Me-Devereaux Frazier

It would be better if I left you now
Than stay
And watch you let me go
For someone else that I don’t know
No chance to defend my claim to you
No arena to prove myself worthy
Except for what time I have now
Accepting the opportunity I have today
Because I can’t watch
I’m jealous for the passion, resonating
For the closeness, dying for togetherness
That somehow has evaded all my life
Now I’m close
And I’m gaining strength everyday
Finding little moments to let you know
How much I appreciate you being in my life
Losing that now
Would be the death of me

3 thoughts on “The Death of Me-Devereaux Frazier

  1. Devereaux,

    I find it fascinating to read your poem juxtaposed with the poem Beth posted immediately after. Hers seems to be the manifestation of the longing you describe through the opposite emotion of loss and loneliness. However, both speak to the craving we have as human beings to find that other we can connect with, who will acknowledge the wholenss of our being that cannot easily be found without deep, intimate connection beyond the physical.

    A wonderful poem, my friend. Thank you for the insight into what it means to be human!

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